May 20, 2009

20 Bucks an Hour!!! Yippeee

This is an update to the last post. I caved in and tried my luck at another phone book route, and this time, I did quite well. $20 an hour is pretty good for short term, guaranteed-to-get-the-job work. I did so well because I chose a route with a few huge apartment buildings. The catch was that it was in a fancy neighborhood, and lots of the apartments had businesses (home based) listed, so they got 2 sets of phone books. I think I unloaded about 150 books at just one apartment building. This just goes to show you, if you are smart and pick the right routes, you too can do ok with this job. Don't believe the people who chose crummy routes and got screwed!


  1. You are right on the money! I picked a rural route (because I knew the area) and really took a beating the first day. Hey live and learn!!!

  2. I agree with you Apartment are key. In one 3 story apartment with 2 stairs with units on each side you nail 12 in a quick snap. 12 houses long takes more driving distance and time.

  3. Ya you pretty much have to take the good with the bad. It all averages out in the end. What the heck... you can sit around your house and veg out in front of the TV all day watching re-runs and getting drilled with commercials about furthering your education. That doesn't pay anything....OR Deliver phone books and get a great workout without ever paying for membership dues.